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Need a new Kitchen or Bathroom? Leave it to the Professionals

Most People find that the process of having their kitchen or bathroom fitted or refitted is much easier if they only have to deal with one person throughout the project. Trying to get a plumber, electrician, plasterer, joiner and tiler to all come in the right time and order can soon turn into a lot of stress and extra cost, not to mention a lot of extra time with your kitchen or bathroom out of commission.
At Pro-Serve, we offer a fully-managed service and have all trades working in a linked team. We will save you time, money and stress. We will arrange to visit your home at a time to suit you, discuss your requirements and propose a plan for the work with timescales and costings.

Enjoy a stress-free process with Pro-Serve

We ensure the entire process is done in the correct order, co-ordinating all trades including electricians, plumbers, joiners, builders and tilers so we can deliver your project on time and to your unique specifications.
We can source suppliers of bespoke items and we'll work to your budget to deliver a beautifully designed space.
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