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Eradicate viruses and ensure a safe environment

Fogging or Misting is an in-depth sanitising process which works by expelling a fine, almost invisible mist. This mist settles on all surfaces and effectively eradicates any threat or cross contamination. The process is quick and eliminates the requirement to remove any furniture, electrical equipment, papers, upholstery etc.
The system has proven to be 99.99% effective against Covid-19
The fogging solution is totally natural and environmentally friendly, having passed the BS EN 14476 A2 virucidal evaluation and EN 1276 bacterial evaluation.
We are proud to not only be helping the environment but also assisting in the global fight against the current and future outbreaks of COVID-19. The fogging solution achieved a kill rate of 99.99% against tested pathogens, including Noro and Rhino viral strains. Ensuring the environment is not additionally harmed, the solution is alcohol-free. The alcohol used within sanitisers often comes at a high environmental cost, as the process to produce it yields a high carbon dioxide output.
Fogging helps business operations to continue, by providing both customers and staff with increased confidence in the safety of their working environment in these difficult times.
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A room that has been ‘fogged’ can be safely entered 30 minutes after the process is complete.

COVID-19 has a virus envelope structure, as such, leading scientific teams have also tested this fogging solution against several comparable viruses:
• H1N1 Avian Influenza
• Influenza
• Rotavirus
• Rubella
• Measles
• Hepatitis B
• Hepatitis
For more information on controlling the spread of COVID-19 go to the UK GOV Coronavirus information page.
Get in touch to book an appointment today and we can help make your space a safe environment.

An ideal solution for enclosed, public or high-traffic areas.

If you have an a space with high-footfall or have had a confirmed case of COVID-19, this treatment is ideal to keep your staff or visitors safe without the area being out of action for long periods.
Fogging is ideal for:
  • Transport: Taxi, Minibus, Coaches, Vans
  • Shops/Retail
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Holiday Lets
  • Offices
  • Reception/Waiting Rooms
We can attend at short notice and can arrange regular visits at a discounted rate. If you have any questions, fill out our contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.
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